As Can Gengönül Design, we provide services for both interior and exterior conceptual design of a yacht, engineering and construction project lay-outs

We provide services to our customers by developing conceptual design. Our services are taken care of the various options from design icons, while deciding the princible dimensions and volume of the project. Due to the long time period of the mega and super yacht projects, we have a leading role on designation of future design icons.

If a customer has no clear decision during the design period, as Can Gengönül Design, we assist in order to reduce the options like mono or multihull concept alternatives by brief explanations. In the early stage of Project developing, our customers are fully supported by those services for creating a Project that put together the the potential investors and shipyards needs.

Our projects are visualised by various way of media alternatives like freehand drawings to extensive 3D render images, moreover high quality interior and exterior computer animations.


Esenkent Mahallesi Kahraman Sokak

No: 2/10 Maltepe / İstanbul



Yakacık V.d : 63847153322

+90 536 352 56 90



Detailed construction projects

(construction engineering)

3D Rendering and Animation


General Layout plan

Interior Design

Exterior design and furniture planning

Fully Project management and shipyard inspection (design management)


Detailed material selection


Innovative concept design

Hull design

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